Create precision OSL loads yourself


To be able to calibrate the Analyzer properly (OSL), we need accurate loads.
It is also important that the loads function well over the entire spectrum, show no reflections or have other characteristics than a good load.
This is quite easy to make yourself.
What you need are the following materials:

  • SMA connector (for semirigid)
  • 2x resistors SMD 0805 1% or even better 0.1%
    5ohm (2x10ohm)
    50ohm (2x100ohm)
    500ohm (2x1000ohm, 1k)
    Short (piece of wire)
  • Piece of wire

First we will solder the equal resistances parallel to each other, using tweezers and a small solder tip.

Then, we fix the SMA center pin somewhere in, (in my case a silicone mat)

Now we solder the parallel soldered resistors RIGHT on the center pin of the SMA connector.

Then we press the center pin into the SMA connector itself.

Now take the piece of wire, and cross it through the holes of the SMA connector, the wire comes out exactly above the parallel soldered resistors.

Now we carefully solder the SMA connector, look during the soldering that the resistors connect to the piece of wire.

Now cut the pieces of wire, and file the whole completely flat to the pierced wire.

Do the same for all loads, and mark them with a color or in my case I engraved the loads.

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