Category: Antennas


PD5DJ/P 5 (1)

This summer (2023). I am more active than ever portable. At the beginning of the season I started with my IC-705 to get out and work QRP. At the same time I have also...


Portable Satellite Antenna 5 (5)

Now that I’m more portable, I wanted to do something with amateur satellites again. I mainly want to do this with the IC-705. Unfortunately, the IC-705 cannot work full duplex. So we depend on...


40m Deltaloop for NVIS 5 (1)

I’ve always been interested in all kinds of loop antennas. This is because closed systems are generally less sensitive to QRM and therefore receive more quietly. What I’ve been wanting to try for a...


HB9CV 3.5m Project 5 (6)

A friend of mine Gertjan PA3FZB who is crazy about 3.5m broadcast “amateur” stations 😉 recently came up with an article about a HB9CV design for 3.5m. He asked me if I could build...


Dipole for 10/20m 5 (1)

My current antenna for 10 and 20m is still my old wire dipole. Construction is a wire Fan Dipole, in some slight inverterd V configuration directed East / West. Due the proper height of...


New Antenna system for HF 5 (2)

Last week I have constructed a new antenna system for HF operations. 3 Years ago, I started with a 2 band FAN Dipole. for 10m and 20m. I have enjoyed operating with this antenna...


New – Bigwheel antenna for 2m 5 (2)

Yesterday I picked up a secondhand Wimo Bigwheel antenna for 2m. This antenna has somewhat more gain then my Homebrew SQualo. I have completely disassembled the antenna, and cleaned and rinsed all parts and...


13cm S-Band Helical antenna 0 (0)

For 13cm S-Band Satellite reception, I needed a Circular polarized antenna. I have decided to build one my own again. read more on the project page: 13cm S-Band Helical antenna