Refurbishing Glassfiber Poles


I have always been a big fan of army dump camo net poles to use as a mast, both portable and fixed based.

These were always widely available for a nice hobby price at an army dump.

When I started again in early 2022 with the hobby I used NOS poles that I still had lying around to make a new mast to hang my HF dipole.

Now a year later I wanted to make this mast rotatable again, and wanted to make a 2nd mast, especially with a rotation bearing.

Recently I visited several army dumps and no one had these masts lying around anymore! 🙁
Because of the war in Ukraine, everything has been bought up by preppers and the army itself.

Here and there you still see advertisements for a set. but for ridiculously high prices.

The only solution was to refurbish the old weathered masts.

Since these mast parts consist entirely of fiberglass and epoxy, all that was needed was. wash / dry / sand and re-epoxy.


Old weathered masts, fibers are open to the surface.

Masts all done with a new layer of epoxy resin.


Better as new!!!

Lets do some DX ing! 😉

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