PD5DJ over the years

2021 until now

2 Dishes, top pointed at PI6HLM repeater in Haarlem, approx 37km. Dish below pointed at PI6ZDM approx 17km. 3CM Amateur Television reception.


Latest shack update


I always liked Bigwheel antennas, specially for Digtal DX operation


Indoor Magnetic Loop, Fully Automatic operation. Specially for 40m, but can work on 20m too with reasonable performance.


Not much different as back in 2018 :-), Why change a proven system 😉



Good view of the HALO antenna for 2m, Super compact.. just 40x40cm.. but does it’s job on 2m FT8 🙂


I love bigwheels, Omni directional horizontal polarised.


Antenna mast also perfect for raising a flag, This picutre was taken at Kingsday April 2018


Shack in 2018



My UHF repeaters, RS-9044 above is used as Analog repeater, RS-9044 below is used and modified to work with DMR MMDVM in its first stage.


Homebrew Satellite antennas, Very compact system. I had excactly the same system but made for portable operation.


Compact Satellite system.







Some maintainance of the antenna 🙂

Finished big mast, with a Hygain TH3-MK4 Triband antenna


After working most same stations on satellite for a year i decided to step up to a bigger antenna system for HF, Here in the backgroup I am preparing a bigger mast for a Triband HF Antenna.


In early 2007, I placed back my Diamond CP-6


Later in 2006 I moved from my parents house to my own apartment on the other side of the City HOORN JO22MP

Cable enntry coming from the roof


Later in 2006, I moved to my own apartment. Specially chosen for my Amateur radio hobby. I got permission from the landlord to use the whole roof for placing antenna systems.



Pictures below are when I was stil living at my parents house 🙂

Fully automated Satellite operating station 🙂 with home built satellite tracking system.

This is the real purpose why I got my license, I always wanted to work amateur radio satellites.



One of my first antennas after getting my license in 2005, A Diamond CP-6