Battery Box upgrade


In the summer of 2023 I started using a LifePo4 battery.
I had made this in a bag for the time being, with all electronics loose in the bag.
Of course this will cause problems at some point.
To solve this I was looking for a suitable box.

The problem with my size battery was that with all battery boxes this battery would just fit, but nothing else could be added in terms of electronics.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that in the 1990s we received boxes from the government to store chemical waste.

But who still has such a box? and is the plastic still good? not decay over the years?

I haven’t owned such a box for a long time.

By talking about this with people around me, I was soon offered these boxes 🙂
I have now acquired 3 of these boxes.

The first thing that surprised me is the condition of the plastic. this was still perfect after all these years!.
Not surprising, this is made of plastic that must be resistant to chemical (liquid) substances.

After fitting and measuring, it was quite easy to install the battery and all electronics, and I still have plenty of room left to install a solar panel charge controller if necessary.


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