ATV Receiver project


Some time ago, Hans PE1ICE developed a compact ATV Receiver that could demodulate FM audio and Nicam audio also.

Link to project:

All that was needed was to install the receiver in a housing.

In the first housing I had based on a supply voltage of 12v. I also had a video splitter built in so that I could provide multiple devices with a video signal. I also had a DC upconverter built in so that I could make 18v from 12v in order to switch the LNB from Vertical polarization to Horizontal polarization.

But a few weeks ago I got the idea to build the receiver completely differently. since I had obtained a nice housing in the meantime.
I wanted to build the receiver with some more options.
Meanwhile, Hans PE1ICE had also made nice splitter pcb’s to be able to split video/baseband. I wanted to use this in the receiver.
The power supply is now also integrated.
I even made a 12VDC output on the back so that I can feed an FPV 5.8ghz video transmitter with it, and thus send the received image further to my portable monitor if necessary with, for example, aligning a dish.

I also wanted to have a monitor built in, so that I don’t always have to have a large monitor on.

I also wanted to have one or more baseband outputs on it. this in order to be able to hang a spectrum analyzer on it, as shown in the photo. Or to be able to send a full baseband bouquet to another amateur 🙂

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