Getting better 10GHz reception, modifying the mast :-)


Reception at 10Ghz can be quite a challenge, especially if you can receive the station to be received on the edge.

I really had the problem that the signal went up and down even with a little bit of wind.

The problem was that the mast on which the dish is placed is in a place where a lot of venturi effect occurs when there is wind, and therefore gets more wind load than if it were open on the roof.

The only solution: reinforcement!

The easiest was to place a larger mast base, where a firmer standpipe could be used that is not so “flex”.

The problem with this is that at the point where the dish is, the reception of the counter station is the only place where I have perfect reception.
But also the spot with the least surface area to place a mast base.

To get this done before, there was really only 1 solution, guying the mast down to the current small mast base.
And more baseload with tiles.

The only problem with this mast base is that it has no place to attach guy wires.

Solution?: Welding Guying supports to the mast base!

Excellent reception!

Another project finished, up to the next one!

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