New portable Telescopic mast


Last month, I visited the fair in Beetsterzwaag and came across the booth by EPS Antennas. Among their array of intriguing equipment, a +/- 11m telescopic aluminum mast caught my eye.
It was a perfect fit for my plans, so I decided to make the purchase.

Back home, the excitement of my new acquisition fueled my resolve to focus more on portable operations.
The persistent QRM (man-made noise) in my home environment had been making it increasingly difficult to enjoy my hobby.
A portable setup promised a much-needed escape from this interference.

However, I knew that the mast alone wouldn’t suffice. To enhance its functionality, I designed and 3D printed some custom guy rings.
These rings are crucial for stabilizing the mast and ensuring it stands firm even in windy conditions.
I have made 3 point and 4 point guy rings.

To add even more versatility to my setup, I also designed a pulley system.
This allows me to easily raise and lower antennas, facilitating experimentation with different configurations.
This flexibility is invaluable for fine-tuning my setup and achieving optimal performance.

Additionally, I crafted a sturdy wooden base for the mast. This base, which sits directly on the ground, is designed to be fixed into the soil. It ensures the mast remains steady, preventing it from sinking or sliding away, regardless of the terrain.

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