Mills on the air 2016


MILLS on the air 2016

Was activated by a couple of members of the Veron Region 45 Club.

Me PD5DJ, Karel – PD8KB, Gerrit – PA3DWC and Pleun PE1DVP participated for the first time with Mills on the air.
The call that was used during this event was PI4WFL/MILL

The Mill that we have activated was mill:

“De Herder” QTH Medemblik – JO22NS


Equipment used during this event:

Digi modes 30M and up: FT-450 + Vertical HyEndFed antenna.

Phone 2M: FT897 + Diamond X300 vertical

Phone 40M: IC756PROIII + Inverted V dipole



Gerrit PA3DWC operating Digital modes PSK31 and SSTV


Me PD5DJ operating Phone 40M


Some videos that were taken during the event.

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