Station Info

Radio Equipment

Icom IC-7610
VHF/UHF: Icom IC-9700 + Leo Bodnar GPSDO

Portable Transceiver(s):
Hytera PD785 for DMR and Analog use on 70cm
HF/VHF/UHF: Icom IC-705

Heil Pro 7 IC Headset (IC-7610)
Icom SM-30 Desktop Microphone (IC-9700)

Other Equipment used:
N7DDC/EU2AV 1.5Kw AutoTuner

Antenna System

For Local contacts on VHF and UHF, I am using a Diamond X300 vertical.

VHF DX and Digital work, I am using a Wimo VHF Bigwheel antenna.

For HF I am using a Fan Dipole for 10/20m or a G5RV Junior to operate on 40m too.


I have also added a indoor Magnetic Loop antenna, capable of running from 3-18MHz.

I am also very active with the Amateur Television Repeaters PI6ZDM and PI6HLM

The upper dish is pointed to PI6HLM QTH Haarlem (35km LOS)
The lower dish is pointed to PI6ZDM QTH Wormerveer (17km LOS)