AAI N1201SA Vector Impedance Analyzer


In 2016 I bought a very handy tool for measuring all my antennas and “filters” up to 2.7GHz!
Its an new Vector Impedance Analyzer for the company AAI, there are 3 versions of this analyzer, the one I bought is the N1201SA..
– Model: N1201SA
– Working currency 140MHz~2700MHz
– Stepped frequency 1kHz
– Display 2.4cun TFT trdp
– Resolution ratio 320*240(QVGA)
– Battery capacity: 2000mAH(7.4Wh)
– Power consumption <1.5W
– Charge current 400mA
– Charge port USB
– Auto power off can be set 5-60minutes
– Measured parameters resistence reactance standing wave s11
– Resolution ratio 4 number
– Frequency accuracy about 5ppm
– Connector SMA-K
– Impedance measurement range: 0.1~1000
– Standing wave measurement range:1.000~65
– S11(dB)measurement range: 0dB~-60dB
– Working temperature:0~40 degree
– Atmospheric pressure:860hPa~1060hPa

User manual can be found here: AAI N1201SA Manual

This Analyzer made it possible to measure some of my already built antenna creations..
For example an simple Groundplane antenna for 23cm, that was made from calculated dimensions, for 1250MHz,.
As seen on the analyzer,, the best SWR is on 1245MHz, NOT BAD! 😎
More measurements have been done on my 13cm Helical.
This time I was even more impressed!
I have designed/rebuild this antenna from VE2ZAZ his design, and added more turns.
First image:
Shows a broad sweep across the 13cm band, as you can see the SWR stays widely under 2.0 so thats good..
The hops, are caused by the ~2m length of Ecoflex-10 coax it is connected to.
Second image:
Now the range where the antenna is supposed to work in, that is in the range of 2400 – 2404mhz
you can see it is really not bad at all!, the best SWR is on 2408MHz,,
Overall I am more than happy with these results! 🙂

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