BPQ – Direwolf

Below you will find how to install and configure LinBPQ & Direwolf on the RaspberryPI

First of all you want to flash a fresh copy of Raspian on a SD card.
All my RaspberryPI’s run Headless without Desktop enviroment for max performance.

I run all software with Raspberry Pi OS Lite (64-bit)

Flashing the SD card can be done simply with the Raspberry Pi image tool

With all server kind of projects you want a Static IP, the following guide will get you going.

IP Setup

When using BPQ or other software a lot of logging etc is done. For this you want an accurate system clock. Anyways it is always more clean to have reliable time and date at hand.

NTP Setup

Next guide will let you install Direwolf

Direwolf Setup

Next guide will let you install LinBPQRpi

LinBPQ Setup