Utility Boxes for Baluns & UnUn’s


Lately I’ve been working a lot with Baluns and UnUn’s and Chokes.

I always needed a new housing for that.

These are ultimately quite pricey and sometimes difficult to obtain.

That’s why I spent an evening drawing. And I have drawn a number of variants of Utility boxes.

I print these boxes with PETG filament, with a 40% Cubic Infill. They are incredibly sturdy, and the PETG material is reasonably UV resistant.
And hey!, if they break. just print a new one! 😉

Each download contains the STL file, and a STEP file.
This is if you want to re-edit the box yourself.

To screw the lid on I use M4 brass inserts.
These are very easy to fuse into the housing with a soldering iron.


M4 inserts

First press the first part of the insert into the hole

Make sure to cleanup the soldering tip as much as possible

Gently press the insert into the hole

Press the insert so the top of the insert is 1 to 2mm deeper into the hole.
Due the heat the insert tends to rise somewhat back up.

When cooled down, trim the brim down, and you are done!


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