FT8CN – Android based FT8 software


Recently I found the program FT8CN while doing some research on the internet about portable FT8 possibilities.

My eye also fell on this app, because I had never come across an android app that could easily communicate with one of my radios.

With FT8CN it is possible to connect to one of my ICOM radios via (W)LAN, as all are equipped with a (W)LAN connection.

Configuring the app is dead simple.
If you had already preconfigured your radios for Remote operation. then it is only IP address, Login name and password fill in and connect.
Yes really! it’s that simple!

When connection to a IC-705, better setup an ACCESPOINT connection, this reduces the latency between your phone/tabler and radio big time.

You can download the latest release of the android app (apk file) here: https://github.com/N0BOY/FT8CN/releases

Once you have downloaded the app, you will have to give permission to install this app on your phone or tablet.

When opening the app, you can setup with your callsign,locator and type of rig.
In my case I am using the ICOM IC-705 with an network connection.


Connecting to my radio with the pre configured remote credentials on the IC-705

Once setup and connected it will show you the waterfall, and shows the QSO at the apropriate audio freq.

Band selection

Audio output, for ALC calbration.
Adjust for NO ALC deflection.


CQ Window, lets you show only CQ’s that are made

QSO Window, lets you see all traffic


QSO Map, lets you show all traffic but from Locator to Locator, also shows the direction of the QSO, TX to RX

Furthermore, there is also a internal logbook, and some other functions I still have to discover.
But for now, I have a great platform for outdoors FT8 operation!


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7 Responses

  1. David says:

    Nice sum up. Incredible app. Have you figured out how to extract a adi file?

  2. Steve ZL1SGS says:

    You can get an adi out of it – there’s an option to download log which gives you an address on your network from where you can download it. I guess the android app runs its own web server to do that?

    • Urs says:

      I tried lot of houres to download the logs from android to an other programm (log4om).
      I didn’t found a solution how to extract the logs.
      In the internet there was no information about saving the log-informations.
      Thanks for any help.
      Urs, HB9MBT

  3. Ron says:

    Bjorn ik heb de app ook geïnstalleerd. Ziet er gelikt uit en kan veel voor FT8 alleen lukt het mij niet om direct te zenden. Na reageren op een cq roepend station duurt het 30sec voordat de app mijn set aanstuurt. Dus de reactie vind pas plaats in de tweede cyclus en dan heeft het tegenstation mogelijk al gereageerd op een andere aanroep.
    Ben benieuwd wat jou ervaring hiermee is.

    73 PD7RON

  4. Chip says:

    Is anyone concerned about security of putting this on a phone considering it is software from China? I worry about spyware infecting my device. Perhaps purchasing a designated tablet just for this purpose would make sense. They can be had on the cheap.

  5. DRES says:

    Western users are pumped full of anti-Chinese propaganda – it’s ridiculous! Don’t go crazy. No one is watching you except your government :-)))
    ADIF is easily downloaded from your phone at a local address via wifi. You need to connect to your home network.
    1. go to the FT8CN program log, 2. find the icon in the upper-left corner with an arrow and type the local address in the browser – (for example-
    3. Select the log operation in the menu and get/upload the LOG.
    Greetings from Russia!

  6. Jeff says:

    I am Constanly getting Parse Error.. cant seem to get it installed at all

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