Diamond MX62M Diplexer Modification for IC-705


Simple conversion description MX62M with BNC Connectors

UPDATE! 02-07-2023

I have replaced the BNC Pigtail cable with a fixed BNC Panelmount version instead to be more flexible.


Recently I was looking for an easy way to build a Diplexer for my Icom IC-705.

My eye fell on the Diamond MX62M Diplexer.
This because with some minor modifications BNC connectors could be added.

The MX62M comes standard with a SO239 connector on the combine port. I have removed this one.
Also on LPF and HPF ports are a 7mm coax with a SO239 connector.
I also removed both of these.

On both ports I have added 2x BNC chassismount connectors, drilled and tapped M3 holes.


At the point where the combined SO239 Connector was, I have soldered the end of the RG-58 coax.

In the middle between the 2 ports is a blind cap, which I also removed.
This port is used for the new combine port that goes to the IC-705.

I removed the output grommet from 1 of the 7mm coaxes. There I printed a 3D printed adapter.
This adapter now neatly allows an RG-58 coax to be used with the grommet which is normally used for the 7mm coax.

I also made a blind cap for the large hole where the SO239 connector used to be.


STL Blindcap SO239: BLINDSO239.STL



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