Start of build Automatic Magnetic Loop controller – PART 1


Recently my colleague, Rob PA5RH and I came up with the idea to build an automatic loop tuner.

Rob is busy with the software part where I have already started on the mechanical part.

As loop, Cellflex 1 1/4 inch Coax cable is used. This has a (copper) outer diameter of +/- 38mm

I want to use the loop indoors high in the ridge of the roof.

In order to be able to (continue to) make mainly digi connections at 40m, When my balcony mast cannot be raised at that time.

Think of Winlink, FT8, VarAC etc..


The Magnetic Loop I want to make has a circumferenceof of about 450cm / 140cm in diameter.

Since the magnetic loop will hang inside my house, there are not many requirements for weather resistance of the whole.
This will make the whole construction a lot easier.

First the construction and fixating of the magnetic loop

This is done with large clamps, where the whole including variable capacitor will be mounted on a TRESPA panel.



Until the next update!

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