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ATV Experiments 0 (0)

Since I’ve been active with the hobby again, I try to pick up every facet of it again. And so is ATV 🙂 Previously I was very active with 70cm ATV at our club...


Leo Inside my IC-9700 :-) 5 (2)

Last week I ordered a Mini GPSDO + 9700 injection board from Leo Bodnar. http://www.leobodnar.com/shop As I want my radio to be solid as a rock on 23cm for digital modes. The need for...



Do you want a fun game and have famlily indirectly involved with your hamradio hobby? Then play the word guessing game.         HAMWORD


Winlink 5 (1)

Today I have setup Winlink for the first time. I Always find it handy to have simple backup communication at hand whenever needed. So receiving and sending email over the air is a useful...


Participating WRTC 0 (0)

As the WRTC event draws closer and closer to the end, it’s getting harder and harder to complete everything. Over the past few months I have managed to get most WRTC stations worked on...


ATU-100 Antenna Tuner 5 (6)

Recently I purchased a ATU-100 Antenna tuner kit from Aliexpress. I have purchased this kit because the internal tuner of my IC-7610 has a tuning limit of 150ohms / SWR <3:1 as most internal...


Dipole for 10/20m 5 (1)

My current antenna for 10 and 20m is still my old wire dipole. Construction is a wire Fan Dipole, in some slight inverterd V configuration directed East / West. Due the proper height of...


Back in bussines! 0 (0)

After a period of more than 4 years of being QRT since 2018 due to severe QRM. Since March 2022 I have embraced the amateur radio hobby again 🙂 Even though there is still...


uBitx 0 (0)

Last week I have received a nice package from India 🙂 I have purchased a uBitx Transceiver from http://www.hfsignals.com It is a pre-built basic direct conversion radio designed by Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE. The thing that pulled...


EU1KY Antenna Analyzer 4.5 (4)

I have always wanted A good analyzer for HF up to VHF (2m) In the past I have build many Antenna Analyzers started with: Antan Analyzer VK5JST Antenna Analyzer Toghether with Jarek SP2SWJ we...


New Antenna system for HF 5 (2)

Last week I have constructed a new antenna system for HF operations. 3 Years ago, I started with a 2 band FAN Dipole. for 10m and 20m. I have enjoyed operating with this antenna...